GoPet TreadWheel For Large Dogs

GoPet TreadWheel For Large Dogs

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For Dogs up to;150 poundsRunning Area: 60" D x 20" W
Overall Dimensions: 70"H x 35"D x 65"W
Training Door Included
Tension Control for added resistance
Running Surface Mat for added comfort
Free, off-leash exercise so your dog can run at his own natural pace
Can be used anytime - even if your dog is home alone
Provides a physical outlet for high energy dogs
A great way to exercise overweight dogs
Safe & Stable
Easy to clean
Mildew resistant
UV resistant allows for outdoor use
Made in the USA
Exercise your dog indoors or out with a GoPet Dog-Powered TreadWheel. Gone are the days where most houses have large back yards and the family dog can run freely.

The GoPet TreadWheel for Large Dogs features a cushioned, durable matted surface that protects your dog's foot pads as he stays healthy by getting exercise at his speed and timing.

As outdoor spaces are getting smaller and people are working longer hours, often household dogs struggle to get the exercise they need. GoPet TreadWheels give your dog;the equipment he needs to exercise. The free standing GoPet TreadWheel;provides an unlimited running surface allowing your dog to walk or run for miles - even if you are not home. Many dogs will use the treadwheel to relieve;boredom and get some exercise;while their owners are gone.

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